Intelligent real estate investments

When investing in real estate it’s all about returns. And how do you benefit from maximum efficiency on the long run? By minimizing your risks. That requires intelligent investing, in stead of intuition. That is where we come in.

"Intuition is a good, but data will take you further."

  • One real estate property alone or with multiple people a larger project.
  • Seizing opportunities through 24/7 analysis of all available data.
  • For each investment strategy the right solution.
  • Intelligent algorithms as a basis

    Research, research, research, that’s how we give you an edge. We apply our prerequisites for you. And we keep an eye on all micro and macro developments 24/7, thanks to all available data. We follow price developments and trends closely. That way you know which objects and regions are interesting, we can seize opportunities and respond to crises.

    Powerful network

    One object or a larger project with several investors. As property managers we assist in the purchase and sale and help build your portfolio. We make real estate irresistible and sellable with maximum profit thanks to a strong network. With architects, contractors and suppliers we have made sharp price agreements. Which we keep completely transparent.

    “Thanks to Estrento I found the right real estate -
    project to invest in. Even with my
    modest budget investing became possible!”


    Less risk
    deep data analysis

    Higher return
    deals on a large scale

    Online status update
    live return

    Transparant administration,
    Honesty is the best policy


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